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Király Clinic was opened in July 2014, when the building underwent an important modernisation offering the most advanced technology and treatments. The Király Clinic is dedicated to gastrointestinal diagnostic and treatment services and proctology. Three outpatient hospitals are operated by Doctoris Medici group in Pécs, south Hungary, since 2007.

Király Clinic offers a diverse range of services in the field of

  • preventive medicine
  • gastroenterology
  • pediatric gastroenterology
  • anorectal surgery, proctology
  • internal medicine
  • radiology
  • neurology
  • reumatology/immunology
  • dermatology (perianal skin diseases)
  • infectios medicine
  • urology
Kiraly Klinika

Our institute welcomes more than 5.000 patients every year and offers them state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified physicians, and most advanced internationally recognised medical specialities.

Diagnostic and treatment services include

  • capsule-endoscopy
  • anoscopy
  • flexible sigmoidoscopy
  • colonoscopy
  • gastroscopy
  • esophageal- and anorectal manometry
  • 24 hr-impedance pH-metry
  • breath tests
  • lab tests
  • genetic tests
  • ultrasonography
  • radiation-free whole body MRI
  • minor anorectal surgery
  • colorectal cancer screening programs
Kapszulaendoszkop Király Klinika

all in a friendly out-of-hospital clinic setting.

We understand the difficulties of dealing with GI disorder and know that your medical concern is an urgent matter to you. At the Király Clinic we are committed to provide all specialty consultations and clinical procedures within 72 hrs of a request, and often much sooner. By checking in at the reception’s desk please use the form given by the receptionist. Please fill in the form, and make sure you provide

  • all the asked personal information,
  • any other information that you think will help our team.

Just because you don’t have health insurance, it doesn’t mean you can’t have swift access to private hospital treatment. At Király Clinic, private treatment can be just as accessible by paying for yourself.

Our treatment costs are transparent and covered by a one-off payment – and are more affordable than you might think (download our current prices).

Thank you for choosing Király Clinic!

Dr. Király Ágnes

Ágnes Király M.D. Ph.D. AGAF
Professor of Medicine

Colonoscopy procedure and preparation for examination

The film of Kiraly Clinic helps you to understand the procedure and to prepare for colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy scans the colon from inside, from the intestinal cavity. The colonoscope examines the cecum, i.e. the orifice of the appendix, the ascending-transverse-descending colon, the sigmoid bowel, and finally the rectum.

Colonoscopy is primary designed to rule out the organ diseases of the colon. During this process, tumors and premalignant conditions are found: polyps, inflammation, circulatory disorders. Current techniques of high-resolution endoscopes, narrow-band imaging (NBI), zooming, and the use of artificial intelligence allow us to predict the histological structure of each abnormality and choose the appropriate route to treat it.

Check out our movie for details:

Medical Measurement Systems
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